We ensure that your competence comes into its own by strengthening your soft skills




Our customers

We have the privilege to work with these exceptional organisations. Most of what we have learned came from them.

Core competencies

Training: getting buy-in for ideas and aligning with stakeholder interests
Engagement: internalising values and behavior, including application in the fields of corporate culture, safety and absenteeism

Scientifically proven

We base our models and interventions on solid scientific research, rather than on what is currently popular in the market.

Whole in One

In order to have an efficient training increasing knowledge and providing skills are necesarry but not sufficient conditions. The real learning is done on-the-job. Knowledge, skills, beliefs, environment and real-life learning in one, whole process.

Measurable results

Upon customer request, effect measurements are performed before the intervention, immediately after and some time later. We primarily measure effects identified by third parties and in so doing take this a big step beyond the usual satisfaction measurements.

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