Interact with Impact

In professional organizations it is often assumed that the quality of an idea or proposal will automatically ensure that it is accepted. In reality this is a necessary but by no means sufficient condition for an idea to take root. Read More>

Presentation skills to get buy-in from Senior Management

In your early career you present almost exclusively to colleagues or to your functional management.
For presenting to senior management you will need a different way of working. Read More>

Handling difficult people

Whether you are a project leader or manager, you will always have to adjust people’s behavior. Research has shown that this is not easy and that the right approach is key. Read More>

Managing resistance in projects

Projects are by definition about change. Resistance is a predictable phenomenon in virtually every change process. In projects resistance is often more intense because you almost always interfere with the ‘territory’ of others. Read More>


Often there are many parties who influence the outcome of a project or a task. Sometimes their agendas and interests are similar, sometimes they differ. To be effective and efficient, it pays to invest in managing stakeholder relationships. Read More>