Assertiveness means: standing for your own needs without unnecessarily hurting the needs of others. This competence is crucial for reaching sustained results in a collaborative context. Striking the wright balance is difficult for all of us. Sometimes we adapt too easily and other times we go so strongly after our own needs that we undervalue the needs and wants of others.

Being able to ‘talk as if you’re right AND listen as if you’re wrong’ shows to be extremely valuable. To both components, self-confidence is key.

At the end of the program participants will:

  • Be able to identify their own style in asserting themselves.
  • Have a better understanding of both sub-assertive and aggressive behaviors.
  • Have experimented with specific behaviors that are more respectful both to themselves as to others.
  • Have developed their assertiveness both in a professional and a non-professional context.
  • Demonstration of key concepts both live and on video.
  • PowerPoint presentation.
  • Real life applications through peer coaching.
  • Exercises with individual feedback by the trainer.

Assertiveness is a competence which is of crucial importance regardless the hierarchical level or training background.

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