Nobody works in isolation. One’s results are always influenced by other people’s willingness to contribute.

This program lays the foundation for good professional interaction. Participants will get a very clear view on how their communication style influences others’ behavior and will learn how to adjust when needed.

The participants will:

·             gain insight into their own communication style

·             have an understanding of other communication styles

·             know when to use which style and be capable of switching between different styles

·             gain insight into the different personality types of others

·             distinguish the personality type of others

·             prepare themselves for concrete situations

By the end of the training, the participant will be more effective in communicating with people he/she works with. Based on the situation in which he/she finds him/herself or based on the personality type of the person he/she communicates with, he/she will assess and apply the most effective communication style.

In this way the participant achieves his/her goal and he/she as well as the other will experience a better mutual understanding and collaboration.

·             Tools for self-reflection (questionnaire + report)

·             Demonstration of core concepts based on short experiments and video demonstrations

·             PowerPoint presentation

·             Peer coaching & real life application

·             Application of the newly acquired information and skills on the everyday practice of the participants

This training is open to everyone wishing to improve his/her way of communicating with others and who is willing to get to the bottom of the basic dynamics.

Please contact us for pricing of an in-company program.