Meetings are an excellent location to align an organization, a team and individual employees. They are a privileged environment to stimulate each other to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to issues. In order to get the most out of them, they call for a process that is both efficient and safe enough for participants to feel free to voice their opinions and ideas.

The role of the manager of the meeting is absolutely crucial to its success.

At the end of this one day training program the participants will be more able to:

·             Decide on the appropriateness of calling a meeting or not so.

·             Define which type of meeting process is most appropriate (informative, consultative, decision making, problem solving)

·             Decide on a well-balanced agenda and safeguard it during the meeting.

·             Manage meeting time effectively and efficiently.

·             Involve participants in the discussion.

·             Stimulate employees to commit to decisions and action plans.

·             Manage resistance.

·             Deal with difficult situations (dominant or silent participant, interpersonal conflicts, deviations from the agenda, low levels of energy, etc)

Learning by doing is the most central methodology. Short inputs on methods and techniques are the starting point for practice and exchange of feedback.

Employees who are responsible for running meetings and want to strengthen their effectiveness in doing so.

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