In an ever more demanding environment, all of us are flooded at times by complex situations. At times it feels as if we lost our grip and don’t have a clear picture of the overall situation anymore.

In this 2-day training we will go well beyond teaching the more classical tips and tricks. Starting with our personal focus and objectives, each of the participants will build insights on how to find her/his way out of the maze. Time management methods, including those of David Allen & Mark Forster, are used as reference frameworks for different applications.

At the end of the program, participants will:

·             Have a clear view of their personal priorities.

·             Be able to understand the difference between acting based on decisions and impulse based behavior.

·             Have a clearer understanding of their own reluctance to making choices at times.

·             Have practiced ways of going after their priorities and dealing with their resistance for doing so.

·             Have more skills in saying “no” and in expanding their personal circle of influence.

·             Have a better understanding of both traditional and novel time management techniques.

·             The training offers novel ways of managing time issues, starting both theoretical input and experiential exercises.

·             Self-reflective exercises deepen the understanding of personal motives and challenge the participants to make choices.

·             Practical exercises based on situations that participants bring to the table guarantee the practicability of the workshop.

·             Group discussions contribute to team learning by exchanging best practices.

·             Learnings are consolidated using detailed individual action plans.

All employees, on any level in the company, who are confronted with the threat of losing focus, caused by issues of time management, inefficiency or sidetracking.

Please contact us for pricing of an in-company program.