Projects are by definition about change. Resistance is a predictable phenomenon in virtually every change process. In projects resistance is often more intense because you almost always interfere with the ‘territory’ of others.

At the end of this 1 day training, participants will be better able to prevent resistance and be able to redirect it more quickly and to turn resistance into an ally.


  • Why is resistance inevitable in change?
  • How do you build an alliance with your stakeholders so that sources of resistance are already largely removed in advance?
  • How can you better see from the perspective of your stakeholders?
  • Omega strategies: how can you redirect resistance when it occurs?
  • Self-management: how can you mentally prepare yourself for difficult conversations, which reduces the chance to resist yourself?

Dealing with resistance is a skill. That is why exercises are central to this training. In support, models and tools are provided with a solid scientific background, which makes the effects of these methods more predictable.

Both project staff and project managers.

Note: We also offer this program in-company and we are happy to consult with you, so we can propose customized training.

Please contact us for pricing of an in-company program.