Concepts and intervention strategies provide a toolbox that has yet to pass the test of practice. The underlying law is that one goes from insight to application.
On the job Training reverses this sequence. The intervention comes first, the underlying concepts are provided later in order to consolidate what has been learned.
At the end of the intervention, stakeholders will have a much better understanding of each other’s position and will have translated it into very concrete underlying agreements, including a process to follow up and adjust them.
  1. Orientation meeting with project owner
  2. Framework of the intervention to all those involved
  3. Explaining the stakeholdering questionnaire that maps out the degree of engagement and alignment of different stakeholders.
  4. Half-day session in which all stakeholders are brought together and through connecting dialogues arrive at more mutual understanding and tangible agreements.
  5. Coaching the project owner in how to follow up the process further
  6. Follow-up session with all stakeholders to consolidate progress and further tighten alignment

NOTE: if possible, members of the core team of the project first follow the 2-day Stakeholder Classroom Training.

Groups of up to 12 participants for whom getting their ideas across is an essential part of their jobs: project leaders, staff members, executives.

We offer this program in-company and we are happy to consult with you, so we can propose customized training.

    “Very instructive and useful. By means of theory and practical exercises you try to master the material right away. You must dare to open up to new things and look at yourself!”

    Marieke Siemons, Market Access Associate, AstraZeneca

    “The most inspiring education I’ve had in a long time. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.”

    Heidi Sierens, HR Training & Development, Telenet

    “On the basis of cases and exercises, interesting knowledge is made your own.”

    Stefan Moris, Janssen Pharmaceutica

    “This program teaches you to think about things you wouldn’t otherwise think about, and they can certainly contribute to the professional world.”

    Steven Helsen, Janssen Pharmaceutica

    “This training should be a must in a company. It’s a very instructive program, both professionally and privately.”

    Patricia Bertels, Sr. Specialist, Janssen Pharmaceutica

    “Quick deep dive in concrete actions to have more impact (on a structured background).”

    Johan Vanwetswinkel, Telenet

    “One of the most efficient trainings I had in the past 10 years.”

    David Gallacher, Janssen Pharmaceutica

    “It is one of the best programs I ever attended.”

    Hua Rong Lu, Janssen Pharmaceutica