In your early career you present almost exclusively to colleagues or to your functional management. You sure will have developed a successful way for doing so.

For presenting to senior management you will need a different way of working because your audience will have less in-depth knowledge of your subject and because it takes more parameters into account than content expertise.

At the end of the program, the participants will:

  • Know models that allow them to deliver this kind of presentations successfully
  • Have the ability to match their presentation build-up to the decision making style of the key people in their audience
  • Have a better understanding of the reactions of a senior management committee and the skills to deal with them
  • Be able to use strategies to mentally prepare themselves for demanding presentations

The training encompasses four elements:

  • Input on senior management expectations for presentations and ways to structure and design this type of presentations
  • Application of models and techniques to an existing presentation of the participants
  • Feedback from your fellow participants and from the trainer
  • Strategies for mental preparation

This program is not an introductory training. It is intended for experienced executives who have mastered the basic presentation techniques and who regularly give presentations to groups of senior general management inside or outside their company.

To allow for sufficient practice, the group is limited to 8 participants.

Note: The English version of this masterclass is currently only available through our  Open Enrollment program at Janssen Pharmaceuticals. We also offer this program in-company in which case we are happy to consult with you in order to propose a customized training.

Please contact us for pricing of an in-company program.

“Very good. Clear understanding of the difference between a regular presentation and one to Senior Management.”

Bart Van Elderen, Trader, KBC

“Interactive, based on practice and insights from top managers.”

Gunther Deckers, Marketing Manager Delacre, United Biscuits

“Very enriching, the concrete examples given helped to better integrate the concepts and the mistakes not to be made.”

Astrid Delval, Business Analyst, Generali

“Efficient: acquired both practical and theoretical knowledge in a short period of time.”

Anneleen Goyens, IT- en procesbeheerster, Lecot-Raedschelders

“Well-constructed and well-grounded training. Small group makes interactions very interesting.”

Ann Desender, VP Finance, Barco

“Very down to earth and easy to apply.”

(Frank Vandenborre, Group Director Investor Relations & Corporate Performance Management, Ageas

“This training just seemed tailor-made: good and effective.”

Peter Horremans, Terumo

“I’m now thinking a lot more about the message I want to convey instead of the details.”

Jo De Keyser, Continuous Improvement Manager, Carglass