The main focus of your presentations can be either to inform, to come to a decision or to inspire. In all of these situations you will need to address two processes simultaneously: the rational (facts and figures) and an experience layer: the interpretation of the facts. Storytelling is the perfect instrument to address the experience.

At the end of this one-day training program the participants will:

  • know which forms of Storytelling exist
  • be able to create a storyline to achieve a predetermined goal
  • be able to use anecdotes, testimonies and metaphors in a targeted and measured way
  • be able to take their audience into a story that broadens their perspective and supports change
  • be able to bring stories authentic
  • immediately attract and hold attention
  • most importantly: understand that Storytelling is not art, but a skill that can be learned systematically by anyone

Practicing with your own experiences is central. The learning process is supported with demos, peer coaching and targeted, story technical input.

Everyone who gives presentations where it is important that both rationality and the heart are addressed.

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