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Jan got an MA in Adult Education from the K.U. Leuven and is Ph.D. from the R.U. Utrecht. He studies methods of behavioral change both in Europe and the U.S. He consults and trains for over 20 years serving large companies in Europe, North-America and South-America and Asia. He is specialized in Leadership Development and Respect Based Influence. He is an ICF accredited coach. He is the founder of Kenaz.


Pieter got a MA in Adult Education from the K.U. Leuven. Before joining Kenaz he had commercial responsibilities in the serving sector. He focuses on behavioral aspects of safety, influencing and customer orientation.


Koenraad got a MA in Communication Sciences  and a post graduate in International Relations at the K.U Leuven. He has worked in the financial sector and as a coordinator and trainer in youth work. For the past 15 years he has been active as an actor, trainer and presenter in improvisational theatre.

At Kenaz he is the Training Coordinator and he specializes in training presentation skills and assertiveness.


Véronique is an experienced trainer and HR adviser with expertise in a wide selection of training programs: from career-counseling, teambuilding and coaching to presentation skills and assertiveness. She studied Marketing and Human Resources at McGill University, Change Management and Training at the University of Namur and Social and Political Sciences at the VUB.


Bénédicte got a Master in Law (UCL) and is a Certified Professional Mediator (CFM).

She is passionate about interpersonal relationships and works as a Facilitator in several situations, sectors and organizations.

She is also a professional trainer and likes to work in an interactive and experiential way.

Her preferred domains are communication in all its forms, conflict prevention and management and well-being at work.


Ben studied Psychology and obtained masters in Occupational and Organizational, Sports and Movement and Clinical and Health Psychology. He worked as a researcher, teacher and trainer at the Vlerick Business School, Thomas More Antwerp and the KU Leuven.
As a trainer he likes to work in a demand-driven, interactive and experiential way. He is passionate about group dynamics, connecting communication and coaching. He likes to work with subjects such as conflicts, customer-friendliness, assertiveness, workplace learning …


Kathleen got a BA in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph (Canada) and Human Recourses from the University of Toronto. She was trained on a post-graduate level in a vast array of methods for personal and organization change. She specializes in the area of team coaching and organizational transformation including large scale interventions. Kathleen is based in Canada and coordinates the activities in North America.


Jozef Van Ballaer’s versatility is one of his strengths when it comes to change management. Not only because of the 30 years of industrial experience exclusively in multinationals, but also the diversity of studies and culture that lies at the basis of this. Masters in Philosophy, Human Ecology and Sport Sciences in combination with a fluency in 4 languages have given him a deep insight into organizations. Specifically, Jozef Van Ballaer has built up experience in Safety Culture. As a speaker at many international forums and experience in long-term projects, he is ideally suited to advise complex organizations on the road ahead.


Marinette has a master in education from KU Leuven. Within Kenaz she is responsible for HR.


Valerie is trainer, consultant and coach in the field of career planning and individual and interpersonal development. For more than 10 years she developed a solid experience in all aspects of performance management.


Gwenda got a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology through the Janssen Research Foundation. She is accredited in teaching and didactics. She has a long standing experience leading international virtual teams. Her main interest is in coaching and in leading from a distance.


Han got a degree in Health Care and a post graduate training in Community Health at the University College Leiden. She is an IAF certified Professional Facilitator. She has an accreditation for professional coaching and for the application of the insight discovery methods. For the last 15 years she works mainly in the sector of social profit, government and non-governmental social organizations. She specializes in coaching and training of trainers and facilitators.


Inge built an extensive career in HR and project management both in consultancy firms and at the telecom sector. She specializes in Leadership Development and Change Management.


Lieve got a MA in Adult Education from the K.U. Leuven. After finishing her degree she was trained as a professional art director at the Academy for Drama of Maastricht. Language and its impact on interpersonal relations is the main fascination in her work. She specializes in Storytelling and its application in both educational and business environments. As a trainer she covers the whole range of interpersonal communication.


Laurent got a BA in linguistics from the UCL. Next he got a degree in Business Management from the K.U. Leuven. He built a marketing career in the financial sector. Next he joined an executive search agency specializing in financial competencies. He currently focuses on customer orientation and methods for innovative and creative thinking.


Eduardo got an Engineering degree from Escola Politécnica and a MBA from the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. He started his career in the financial and industrial sector. Next he worked for a large international bank specializing in risk assessment. In his work he developed a special interest in negotiating and conflict management. Eduardo has been teaching negotiation skills and conflict resolution to executives out of high standard international training agencies. He currently works out of Brazil, his home country.


Erna got a Ph.D. in Psychology from the K.U. Leuven. Her post-doc is in change management at the UAMS. Her methods are firmly fact-based. Erna assists us on a freelance basis in the areas of stress-management, assertiveness and self-confidence.


Rachel got a Ph.D. from the K.U. Leuven, specializing in mentoring. She is based in Shanghai and takes care of the Kenaz training and consultancy activities in Asia.


Pauline got a BA in Sociology from the University of Wageningen. After graduating she lived and worked for 11 years in Latin America and East Africa. She focuses on interpersonal communication skills and personal development. Her training approach is both creative and challenging.