Each organization focuses on a limited set of values. Values have a true meaning to the extent that they show in how employees work and deal with each other and/or their customers.

Values inspire behavior from the inside-out. They go beyond teaching a number of specific sets of behaviors. In order to be internalized, corporate values need to be translated into behavior and attitudes that are both supported and suggested by natural teams.

Participants internalize values by exploring them in an active way. They evaluate how their team works using the values as a point of reference. They further discuss and define behaviors that allow them to live the values more fully. Next they decide on a way to monitor and follow-up value based behavior. Internalizing and consolidating corporate values aims at strengthening corporation, engagement and a custom-oriented attitude.
The process takes 3 steps:

  • Preparation: based on a survey the team defines areas of improvement.
  • Time-out: 1 day offsite during which the team defines specific action plans.
  • Follow-up: 6 weeks after the Time-Out day, stock is taken: what has been accomplished and what learnings could bring the process a step further?
All members of a natural team. Including all hierarchical levels.