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In an increasingly demanding environment, people often feel so overwhelmed that they are losing control. Based on own insights and focus, rather than just classical techniques, we offer different ways to escape this maze. Time management methods, such as those of David Allen and Mark Forster, are used as a guide.


By the end of the program, participants will:

  • Have a clearer focus within their priorities
  • Have better insight in the differences between acting from decisions compared to impulses
  • Have more insight into their own hesitations to make their own choices
  • Have practiced pursuing their priorities and tackling their resistance
  • Have practiced saying no and expanding their own sphere of influence
  • Have a better understanding of traditional and new time management techniques
  • Have learned to work with a number of these techniques



Day 1

  • Making choices 1: core exercise in determining what we give attention to; identify personal priorities
  • Discussing traditional time management techniques and innovative methods of time management
  • Agenda and mail management (basics) and meeting techniques

Day 2

  • Making choices 2: mapping out personal (life) goals
  • Recognize and recognize one’s own resistances as a cause of procrastination; mapping and exchange of experience
  • Increasing the personal sphere of influence
  • Recognizing limiting behavioral patterns
  • Treating specific situations in intervision
  • Wrap-up of learning points
  • Drawing up a personal action plan



  • The training offers new thinking methods, both from a theoretical representation and from experiential exercises
  • Introspective exercises increase self-insight and challenge the participant to make choices
  • Practical exercises based on situations made by the participant increase the reality value
  • Group discussions ensure team-oriented learning and the exchange of best practices
  • Future commitment is laid down in a personal action plan


Cancellation is free of charge up to 3 weeks before the start of the training.