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The main focus of your presentations can be either to inform, to come to a decision or to inspire. In all of these situations you will need to address two processes simultaneously: the rational (facts and figures) and an experience layer: the interpretation of the facts. Storytelling is the perfect instrument to address the experience.



At the end of this one day training program the participants will be more able to:

  • Decide on the appropriateness of calling a meeting or not so
  • Define which type of meeting process is most appropriate (informative, consultative, decision making, problem solving)
  • Decide on a well-balanced agenda and safeguard it during the meeting
  • Manage meeting time effectively and efficiently
  • Involve participants in the discussion
  • Stimulate employees to commit to decisions and action plans
  • Manage resistance
  • Deal with difficult situations (dominant or silent participant, interpersonal conflicts, deviations from the agenda, low levels of energy, etc)




Learning by doing is the most central methodology. Short inputs on methods and techniques are the starting point for practice and exchange of feedback.


Participants can cancel or reschedule their enrollment free of charge up to three weeks before the start of the training.

This training will be in English or Dutch.